Infusing artistic flair into every lighting design to transform the ordinary into extraordinary spaces

Selling Propositions

LED lighting, with its high quality, long life and low energy consumption has improved our world and ended the century old era of traditional light.

ACUMEN Systems offers an impressive range of LED Lighting products which brings a unique experience to every project and environment, including Interior, Exterior and Water Resistance.

Our unique selling proposition are:

  • We are using European drivers and US Chips for all Acumen products,
  • All ACUMEN products comes with 5 years warranty for both efficiency and performance,
  • We can customize our product to match customer desire,
  • We can address different budget based on customer requirement.
  • Fast delivery time.

Since we perceive ACUMEN as a customer friendly business approach, not just a company, we always strive to use eco – friendly material, resources and equipment in innovating our systems before and after installation.

We are proud of lights products that we have internally developed at ACUMEN which save clients a lot of energy and expenses.